Main objectives of the Council of Indian Employers

The main objective in setting up the CIE was to ensure closer co-operation and coordination between the two bodies, which together represent particularly the interests of large-scale industry in India. In the year 1973, SCOPE joined CIE.

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CIE, with its headquarters in the office of the AIOE in Delhi, consists of equal number of representatives of AIOE, EFI, and SCOPE. Its principal functions are as follows:

(i) To discuss the general problems confronting Indian employers, with particular reference to matters coming up before the ILO conferences and various industrial committees, and to formulate, from time to time, the policy and attitude of Indian employers in the matter of collaboration with employers of other countries


(ii) To furnish and exchange information on problems relating to industrial relations
with employers of other countries |

(iii) To maintain close contacts with the International Organization of Employers (IOE) with a view to study international trends in the employer-employee relations and to keep the two parties informed of such matters

(iv) To select the personnel for the Indian employers’ delegations to the various conferences and committees of the ILO

On behalf of the three organizations, the CIE also submits representations to the Government of India on matters involving important issues of labour policy on which a common approach is desired.


Under the Constitution of the ILO, its member countries (India is a founding member of the ILO since its inception in 1919) should accord recognition to the most representative organizations of unions and employers. The CIE is the organization which represents the Indian employers.

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