Define business as a system.

A system denotes a group of interrelated components or sub-systems which functions in a co-ordinate way to attain some specific objectives. A system consists of a number of sub-systems and the functioning each sub-system depends on other sub-systems. Business is regarded as system because  it consists of a number  of sub-systems both within the business and its environment. The sub-systems are inter-related and operated in a co-ordinate manner to make the whole as a business system. The followings are some of the sub-systems of the business:

  • Finance system concerned with finance functions of enterprise.

    Mrs. Miceli's Business Courses 14-15

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  • Personnel system concerned with recruitment, selection and training of personnel.
  • Production system engaged with production functions.
  • marketing system engaged with marketing functions.
  • R & D system concerned with research and development functions.
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