Distinguish between marketing and selling

Profits are directly related to sales. Increased sales at competitive rates ensures increased earning. Sales is a process, by which goods and services flow from producers to consumers. It is an activity of distributing goods. Marketing on the other hand is a comprehensive term, which includes in itself, selling merchandising and distribution. Merchandising is an internal planning regarding production of commodities of right color; size, shape, standard, quantity, and also at the appropriate time. Distribution is market coverage which includes various channels of distribution.

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The ultimate end of both selling and marketing is to maximize profit by promoting sales. Ordinarily both these terms carry the same meaning, but modern thinkers distinguish between the two terms as under:

Distinction between marketing and selling:



  • Marketing means all customer’s wants satisfying efforts concerning with planning, pricing, promoting product, pricing, promoting product and services.
  • Marketing accords importance to the satisfaction of consumers wants effectively.
  • Marketing in its initial stage decides, what the consumers want. Secondly, it decides how the commodity can be profitably produced and finally delivered to consumers for satisfying their needs.
  • Marketing has to take into consideration both the internal and external factors.
  • Efforts are buyers oriented and emphasize the satisfaction of the needs of buyers effectively.
  • If refers to integrated approach towards achieving long term objectives.
  • Profit is sought by ensuring customers satisfaction.
  • Marketing is a comprehensive term, which, includes selling, advertising and also the distribution of goods.


  • Selling is the transfer of the ownership and possession of the goods to the purchases.
  • Selling emphasizes the products.
  • Commodities are produced and after wards efforts are made for their profitable selling.
  • Selling is concerned with the internal considerations regarding production and distribution of goods. It is narrower in scope.
  • Efforts are seller oriented and emphasize sellers needs.
  • It refers to piece mental approach to achieve short term goals.
  • Profit is sought by ensuring higher sales volume.
  • Selling is the part of marketing and thus not a comprehensive term.

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