Give a classification of industries.

The activities which are undertaken to produce, convert, extract and fabricate raw materials into finished goods are termed as industries. It is the process where goods are made usable and consumable. There are four different types of industries. These are:

Genetic Industry: It involves activities in reproducing and multiplying certain species of plants and animals for the sake  of earning profit from their sale. Fish culture, cattle breeding, goatery and piggery are included in genetic industries.

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Extractive Industry: The industries engaged with the discovery or extracting natural resources like minerals soil, water and forests are called extractive industries. Mining, agriculture and fishing are best examples of extractive industries.


Manufacturing Industries: The industries engaged in the conversion of raw material into finished products are called manufacturing industries. Cotton textile, sugar, iron and steel are the best examples of manufacturing industries.

Construction Industry: The industries in the construction of infrastructure like building, dams, roads, bridges and canals are called construction industries.

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