How a company is incorporated?

Giving recognition to the company in the eye of the law is termed as incorporation. A joint stock company enjoys the status of legal entity when it is incorporated. A company will be incorporated, when the following documents are submitted to the registrar and the registrar is satisfied with regard to the compliance of the above documents. The documents submitted for registration are:

  • A memorandum of association duly stamped and subscribed by at least seven members in case of private company.
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  • The filling of articles of association which contains the rules and regulations for the management.
  • A list of proposed directors along with their names, addresses and present occupation.
  • The address at which  the registered office of the company is situated.
  • A statutory declaration by an advocate or attorney that all the provisions of the company act is followed.

If the registrar of company is satisfied with regard to above documents, it will issue certificate of incorporation.

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