Most common trends in the employment pattern of India

The following are the most common trends in the employment pattern:

I. Declining stability and security in employment

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II. Declining labour intensity.


III. A growing irregular labour force due to extensive use of casual, contract, contingent, part-time, temporary, fixed-term, job-sharing, atypical, non-core/peripheral labour.

IV. Shift from contract of service (employment) to contract for service (self-employment/ business relationships).

V. Increase in home-based work and the consequent blurring of the gap between work and home when work is home and home is work.

VI. Declining and/or extinction of a few occupations and the birth of a few others (Tom Peters, Time Magazine, May 2000).


VII. Declining mutual commitment: erosion of the concept of one person-one skill-one job-one Company.

VIII. Declining influence of trade unions.

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