Meaning, Definition and Function of Packaging

Packaging is the process of enclosing, or containing the product in bottles, plastic bags, wrappers, lubes, paper cartoons and boxes etc. For the purpose of displaying useful information regarding the product, its contents, weight, size, price, constituents, usage necessary instruction about the usage and storing the product must be recorded on the package. Package reduces the risk of wastage, spoilage, leakage, metage and evaporation etc. in the process of transportation and storage.

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Function of Packaging



The fundamental functions of packaging is to protect it from sun, rain, moisture, insects and atmospheric contracts etc. packaging maintain the product fresh and enhances its life. So, we use air-tight containers for certain products.

Easy identification

Every producer has its own distinct packaging, different from other with respect to design, size, color and other specification packaging helps-us in the easy identification and immediate picking up of the product.



Packaging provides convenience in the transportation and storage of the product. It is convenient for the consumers to use these products. Packaging of Tropicana Real and Frooti Juices facilitates their consumption. Packaging, no doubt helps us in the safe and convenient handling and storing of the product.

Sales promotion

It is rightly said that packaging works as silent, salesman. It catches the attention of customers, who pick up the product, go through its description and are induced to purchase the product. Self service is becoming more and more common in the field of shopping, where the customer picks up the product himself and makes its payment on the counter. Packaging in these circumstances promotes the sales.

Innovative ideas


The producers sometime develop innovative ideas about packaging which promotes their sales. For examples, shampoo, tomato ketchup, surf, sugar, milk, oil etc., are sold in small pouches. In addition to the above functions packaging facilities branding of the product. Empty packages have their resale value for customers. Packaging builds image of the product and its producers. The effective packaging is the source of prestige to its producers. Packaging continues to be more important in the modern growing completion, open, display of the product and self service of the customers.

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