Brief notes on Partnership Model for Sound Industrial Relations

For labour-management cooperation to take root and for collective bargaining to serve as a means of cooperation, it is important that management at the enterprise level, takes the necessary steps to create an atmosphere is conducive to/enables partnership between labour and management. The basic ingredients of a partnership model for cooperation between labour and management would involve, among other things:

I. Sharing information.

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II. Consulting with each other on a regular basis.


III. Brainstorming together.

IV. Organizing morale-boosting safaris to units where labour and management have benefited through cooperation.

V. Creating opportunities for both management and labour to review, learn, and put positive learning into practice.

VI. Bridging the gap between precept and practice.


VII. Ensuring the support and sustenance of top management.

The above features can become part of the human resource industrial relations environment of a company if:

I. The management shifts from direction and control towards consensus and commitment.

II. The management strives to develop a shared vision and common ownership of ideas in a spirit of ‘something for everyone’.


III. The management aims for a consensus on corporate human resource/industrial relations strategy.

IV. The management promotes organizational learning across the company’s operating
units on how to address this agenda.

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