What do you mean by staffing?

What do you mean by staffing?

Staffing is a process through which competent employees are recruited; selected, properly trained, effectively developed, suitably rewarded and their combined efforts are harmoniously integrated and directed towards achieving the desired results / objectives of the business enterprise. Labour force is undoubtedly an active sensitive and essential factor of production.

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According to the Peter Drucker, Without human factor all the factors of production are useless. “That means it refers to the human factor, which activates other factors. In this way management of an enterprise cannot ignore staffing is an important function. It is rightly said that an organisation without staff is simply an unproductive shell.


The process of staffing involves the following:

  • Assessment of manpower requirement.
  • Recruitment and selection of competent personnel.
  • Proper training and development of personnel.
  • Placement of selected personnel and orientation.

On the basis of the above, it can be safely defined that ‘Staffing is a managerial function that brings people with required skills into the organisation and develop them into valuable organizational resource:

Future / Nature of Staffing:

Staffing function of management involves the following characteristics.

  • It is the function of management.
  • It is an integral part of management process.
  • It is continuous activity function of management.
  • It is concerned with human resources of an organisation.
  • It is an persuasive function of management.
  • It is separate from physical factors, because it is difficult and tactful function.
  • It is concerned with the maximum utilization of human resources such as direction, coordinate and control.


Need and Importance of Staffing:

The success of business depends upon the greater extent on the right selection, training and development of the staff. Thus, competent, co-operative and dedicated staff is the most precious asset of an organisation.

The following grounds justify the need and importance in management and effects the cost of production are given under.

  • Facilitating discovery of competent staff.
  • Ensuring maximum productivity.
  • Developing personnel for shouldering greater responsibilities.
  • Meeting future requirements of talented person.
  • Job satisfaction due to proper placement.
  • Maximum utilization work force.
  • Supplying information regarding transfer, promotion, recruitment, death, demotions etc.
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