Understanding the different kinds of price quotations.

The different kinds of price quotation are:

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東方紅青春朕水The TA-65 Price & guide line @ 高國慶醫師資訊收集 ...Loco: It means ex-warehouse price. In this case, seller undertakes to keep the goods in his godown at the disposal of buyer who has to bear all the expenses of removing the goods. It is otherwise called as spot price.

FOB: It means free on Rail. In this quotation price includes cost of loading of goods on board the ship.


FOR: It means free on Rail. In this price seller bears all the expenses for loading the goods on rail.

Ex-ship price: This is a kind of price quotation where seller will bear all costs in connection with putting the goods on the ship.

Franco: This is a type of price quotation where price includes all expenses up to the delivery of the goods to the warehouse of the importer. This price is otherwise called as warehouse to warehouse price, or Rendu price.

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