What are the characteristics of a Public Carrier? (Business Studies)

The characteristics of a Public Carrier. (Business Studies)

A carrier denotes a person or group of persons who undertake goods or passengers from one place to another. A public carrier is a person, firm or company other than the government engaged in the business of transportation of goods for money without discrimination of different consignors. A public carrier is bound to take goods if there is accommodation on this conveyance and there is nothing objectionable in goods. The following are some of the essential characteristics of a public carrier:

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  • It includes an individual, firm and company, Government is excluded from it and as such post office is not regarded as a public carrier.
  • It does not carry goods without any charges or at free.
  • It carries goods only and as such these are not entitled to carry passengers.
  • It is bound to carry goods of all persons without any discrimination.
  • It carries goods regularly and as such one who carries goods occasionally is not treated as a public carrier.
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