What are the features of an Ideal Warehouse?

The features of an Ideal Warehouse.

A warehouse is an establishment for the storage and accumulation of goods. It is highly specialized function that plays a vital role in modern business. An ideal warehouse should have the following features:

Safety: The basis function of warehouse is to assume the responsibility to store the goods safely over an agreed period of time. An ideal warehouse should protect goods from all possible dangers such as heat, cold, humidity, evaporation, fire, rain, theft etc.

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Proper location: An ideal warehouse should be situated at a proper location convenient to customers, sellers and other concerned parties.

Sufficient space: There should be sufficient space for present as well as future requirements of space for storage.

Scientific layout: An ideal warehouse must have scientific layout to facilitate easy supervision and effective control.

Economy: An ideal warehouse must provide the maximum service at the lowest cost, i.e., it should be such as to be economical to operate and maintain.


Other services: An ideal warehouse should provide certain other services such as packing, financing and sharing of risk etc.

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