What are the main economic objective of the business?

The predominant economic objective of a business are:

Earning Profit: The primary objective of the business is to earn profit. Profit is essential for the survival and growth of the business unit. It also provides stimulus to work. This has been regarded as the index of the business progress.

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Production of goods: The objective of the business involve production of the goods are per taste, fashion and the requirement of the customers. production of goods in anticipation of demand and arranging their sale are regarded as economic objective of the business.


Growth and expansion of the business: Profit should not be the only objective of the business and therefore the growth, survival and expansion  of business activities are regarded as the major economic objectives. The growth of the business largely vest on the relationship of the business with consumer, shareholders and the creditors.

Creating Customers and Market: The business can survive well when it can create customers. So creation of customers for market is regarded as the basic economic objective of the business.

Research and Innovation: Discovery of new product or improving the existing product is termed as an economic objective of the business.

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