What are the procedure for making a claim for fire losses?

The procedure for making a claim for fire losses.

A successful claim for the losses by fire can e made when the following procedures are resorted:

I. Intimation of the occurrence of fire and losses: Immediately after the fire takes place, it is necessary to give notice of fire to the insurer.  Giving notice is a condition precedent and it is incorporated in the policy that the insured must intimate the occurrence of fire to the insurer.

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II. Filling up claim form: The insurer sends a claim form to the insured. The insurer fills up the claim form with a great deal of caution and  care. This form states full description of the circumstances of loss, the date and time of fire, the place where fire originates and the other perils in connection with fire. The claim form complete in all respect is sent to the insurance company for making necessary arrangement for payment.

III. Appointment of Surveyors: When the amount of loss under fire policy is very small the insurer admits the claim and makes necessary arrangement for payment by cheques. When the claim amount is of big or serious nature, the insurer will appoint an expert called a surveyor or velour or assessor. The surveyor gives two report called a preliminary report and final report. He has a right of entry and inspect the place and the property.

IV. Appointment of arbitrator: When there is any dispute with regard to the claim, both the insured and the insurer can appoint one arbitrator each. When the arbitrators differ, an umpire may be appointed to look after the loss. In order to avoid conflict sometimes an affidavit of the court for the proof of claim is obtained.

V. Making Payment and Provision for replacement: On the receipt of claim form duly completed in all respect and the report of the surveyor, the claim is processed. A discharged voucher is signed by the insured and after the receipt of signed discharged voucher, a cheque is drawn in favour of the insured. If there is re-instatement clause in the policy, the insurer makes necessary provision for the replacement of the property lost.

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