What are the procedure for registration of a Co-operative society?

The procedure for registration of a Co-operative society.

For registration of co-operative societies, every state has an office of the registrar of co-operative societies. The registrar of the society is responsible for the registration of the society and it controls the operation of co-operative societies.

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The following procedures are adopted for the registration of a co-operative society:


Minimum membership: A minimum of 10 adult persons are required for a co-operative organization. A person will be called a major or adult person when he has attained 18 (or above) years of age.

Application: An application for registration is to be made to the registrar of the co-operative societies. Such an application for registration should include the following details:

  • Name and address of the society intended to be established.
  • The aims and objective of the society.
  • The details of share capital held by the members.
  • The bye-laws of the society which contains rules and regulations for the management of the society.
  • The bye-laws must be signed by at least 10 members who have signed the application for registration.
  • The application for registration is required to be signed by at least 10 members of the society.

Obtaining certificate of registration: When the registrar is satisfied with regard to the objects and the bye-laws of the society, he issues a certificate of registration to this effect. On registration it enjoys the status of a separate legal entity and after this it accept new membership and start its business operation.

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