What are the procedure of registration of partnership firm?

The procedure of registration of partnership firm.

The procedure of registration of partnership firm is very simple. A partnership firm can be registered at any time by filling a form containing the following particulars. The application form is duly filled and is handed over to the register of firms along with a fee of Rs. 10 The application form contains the following particulars.

  • The name of the firm.
How to Register Partnership Firm In India -

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  • The principal place of business.
  • The names of other places where the business is carried on.
  • The date of joining of each partner in the firm.
  • Names and addresses of all partners.
  • The duration of the firm.

The application form containing the above particulars should be signed and verified by each partner. The register will go through the details furnished and if satisfied with legal compliance shall issue a certificate of registration.

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