What are the procedure of transporting goods by railway transport?

The procedure of transporting goods by railway transport.

The following procedure are followed when goods are transported through railways:

I. Selection of the Train:

This is the first step of transporting goods over railways. The first thing to be selected whether goods are to be transported through a passenger train or goods train.  The selection depends on how quickly the goods are to be transported. If the goods are to be delivered at an early date, the passenger train will be preferred than goods train. The nature of the commodity plays an important role in deciding goods train or passenger train. If the goods are of perishable nature, these are to be transported through a passenger train.

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II. Packing of Goods:

After the selection of the train where the goods are to be dispatched, the next step is to pack the goods properly. The goods are packed either in wooden boxes or canvas sacks. The front side of the packets should clearly state the name and address of the receiver, the name of the station where goods are dispatched, railway zone and the destination. Sometimes additional instructions like fragile or glass with care is written to attract the attention of the railway people.

III. Dispatch Note:


After proper packing, goods are delivered to the booking office. Two notes called forwarding note and consignment are prepared. When goods are carried through a passenger train, a forwarding note is prepared and when goods are carried through a goods train, a consignment note is prepared.

IV. Booking of goods:

The railway booking office book the goods and issues a receipt clearly stating whether goods are carried at owner’s risk or railway’s risks. The booking work is done after the receipt of goods properly packed and a forwarding or consignment note.

V. Dispatch of Railway receipt:


After booking the goods, the consignor obtains a railway receipt from the railway authorities. This RR is dispatched to the consignee who on presentation take the delivery of goods. The RR can be made self or on the name of the receiver. When it is made under the self name, it is endorsed in favour of the consignee otherwise goods can-not be released.

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