What are the qualification for a successful businessman?

Business is regarded as a game of skill with a great deal of chance thrown in. As in the game, every player cannot succeed, so in the business, every man should not hope to succeed. No rigid qualification can be stated for a businessman because a village shopkeeper is as much as a businessman as Tata or Birla. Qualifications required for both these businessman are not equal. Different types of business require different qualifications. The followings are the general qualifications of a businessman:

  • The businessman should have tact, intelligence, courage, vision, imagination and organizing ability.


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  • He must be a man of attention, time sense and punctuality because these are essential for successful business.
  • He should be a well balanced man and should apply consistency in his approach.
  • He must be religious and godly man and should not be a mere tample bell-ringer.
  • He should be friendly towards the employees and the customers.
  • He should be imbused with social interest.
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