What are the qualities that make a man to a good businessman?

The businessman to be successful in his business should have certain basic qualities. Businessmen also include office managers in sole trading firm and professional managers in case of company. An important authority has attributed certain traits of a successful businessman. These traits are:

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  • Physical and nervous energy
  • Sense of purpose
  • Integrity
  • Friendliness
  • Intelligence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Technical mastery
  • Technical skill
  • Decisiveness
  • Faith

Besides the above traits, the most important qualities of a business are as follows:

Initiative and capacity to take prompt decision: Now-a-days, things move very fast and as such the businessman should have the capacity to take initiative and prompt decision.


Determination, courage and perseverance: He must have strong will power and determination. He must have courage and perseverance to face the initial and future problems of the business.

Intelligence and alertness: The businessman should be alert to his surroundings and he must be aware of the possible changes otherwise he will fail in business. He should be intelligent enough to utilize business opportunities.

Quality of leadership: He should have the quality of leadership because today’s business require loyalty and co-operation of all employees.

Morality and integrity: The businessman should be honest, straight-forward, fair in dealings, dependability, and moral character. If a businessman intends to make money in a dishonest manner, he cannot establish in business for a long period.


Training and Education: The businessman should learn the intricacies of modern business through training and education. These are thus essential for a successful businessman.
Besides the above qualities, the businessman should posses the qualities of tact, patience, foresight, frankness, common sense and charming.

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