What are the various types of export merchants? (Business Studies)

Various types of export merchants. (Business Studies)

The indirect exporters who act as intermediaries between the manufacturers and the importers are called export houses or export merchants. There are five types of export merchants. These are:

Export Merchants and Jobbers: These types of export merchants purchase goods from the producers and enter into foreign trade on their own accord.


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Export Commission House: These are indirect exporters who purchase goods from producers on behalf of importers and gets some commission.

Export Brokers: Export brokers specialize in a particular line of business and work either on behalf of the exporter or importer.

Resident Buyers: A resident buyer is a member of the importing organisation stationed in the exporting country to purchase and dispatch goods to the importer.

Producers Export Agent: He enters into contract with the producer for export purpose and export goods to foreign country in return of a commission.

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