List of five material handling equipments with meaning and utility


A pallet is a load board on which loads are assembled. It is specifically designed platform to suit fork-lift operations. They are made of hard woods or steel. Materials are loaded on pallets, transported and stored in ware houses. They may be two way or four way entry pallets so that the forks or forks fit trucks may be inserted to carry and lift the loads.

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Conveyors primarily perform the movement of uniform load between two fixed points. They may be fixed or portable conyors, straight or circular ones. The materials are fed to the conveyors at the point of start and these are carried by the conveyor to the point of destination.

Fork-lift truck:

A fork lift truck is used to carry and lift the loads for the pallet Forks serve as beans and can slide up and down. The forks are inserted below the platform of the pallet, then raised to clear the lifted load up to a height of one meter. These are not suitable for transporting goods for long distances.

Platform trucks:


These are of two types (i) Fixed platform trucks and (ii) Platform lift trucks.

The lifting platform variety is based on the same principles as fork lift trucks. But instead of forks, it has a platform which can run under a suitable container and lift the load to clear the floor.


These are platforms usually constructed with metals or wooden platforms supported by four metal legs. They can carry more load than the average size pallet can carry.

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