What are the causes of labor turnover?

The Causes of Labor Turn Over can be classified with the following 3 heads:

Personal causes: Workers may leave the organisation purely on personal grounds. These may b Death, Family problems and responsibility, Personal betterment and Retirement.

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Avoidable causes: This causes can be avoided if employer takes some steps, these are the following:

  • Poor wages.
  • Odd working hour.
  • Lack of training.
  • Lack of good recruitment policy.
  • Bad working conditions.
  • Dissatisfaction with job.
  • Lack of incentive and promotion.


Un-avoidable causes: In certain circumstances it becomes necessary for the management to ask some of the workers to leave the organisation. These circumstances may be as follows:

  • Disablement
  • Discharge on disciplinary grounds.
  • Discharge due to continuous illness.
  • Inefficiency and negligence.
  • pilferage, theft, dishonesty etc.
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