What is a Job Card in Cost Accounting? What are the Advantages of Job Card ?

The Job Card in Cost Accounting.

Job card is used to keep a close watch on the time spent by a worker on each job. It can be prepared by hand or machine. There are four types of job cards that are generally used such as:

  • Combined time and job card.
  • Job card for each worker.
  • Job card for each job.
  • Piece work card.

    Job Card Template Excel Photos

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The job card contains the following in formations such as: Job no, description, quantity required, quantity finished, time required for the job, total time to finish the job, normal time, over time, rate, amount, date, and quantity posse and accepted with the inspectors signature.

The advantages of job card are as follows:

  • It reduces normal idle time.
  • It gives clear, logical and suitable information to the costing department.
  • It provides a very useful link between the production control and costing.
  • Job card gives information about number and particulars of job accurately.
  • The entries in the job card both at the time of commencement and completion of the job is done by an assistant in the office.
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