What is the importance of efficient material handling? Discuss the equipments used for material handling?

In a manufacturing concern the product are received, stored to the production departments, moved from machine to machine and processing form dept. To dept. and further moved to final assembly section. The final products are then moved to inspection dept. and then to dispatch section.

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Thus in every manufacturing organization material handling, place an important role. Every where there is movement of either material, work in progress or finished product.

It is highly pointed out that the cost material handling involves 40% to 50% of total production cost. Therefore considerable attention must be taken in the material handling. Improved material handling system not only save time and cost reduction but also ensure the following:

  • Reduction in accidents.
  • Greater job satisfaction.
  • Reduction in inventory or & work in progress.
  • Increasing production.
  • Saving time.


Generally two types of equipments are used for handling of materials in an organization. They are:

  • Hand operated equipment.
  • Power driven equipment.
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