Who is a Purchase Executive? Discuss his qualification & functions?

Qualification And The Functions of Purchase Officer. (Cost Accounting)

Purchase Officer is the head of the purchase department. He is also purchase executive, Purchase Manager or purchasing director. His primary responsibility is to purchase right quality, quantity of materials & supplies at responsible prices at the right time. He is the controller of the purchase and responsible for purchases on behalf of all the depts.


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Qualification of Purchase Officer:


The purchase officer occupies high position & plays an important role in the management. He must have good quality and qualification.

The following are the main qualifications of a Purchase Officer:

  • He should be a person of undoubted integrity, honesty, initiative and good conscience.
  • He should at least be a commerce graduate with degree or diploma in Purchase Management.
  • He should have complete information about the material which is required to purchase, so that requisite quantity of materials may be purchased at reasonable price from reliable suppliers.
  • He should maintain proper documents like price list, catalogue, trade, journals to help him in finding out best possible market.
  • He should have up-to-date knowledge of import & export, tax assessments etc.
  • He should be tactful in maintaining sound & friendly relation with his supplier.

To conclude the Purchase Officer should be a person who is able to obtain maximum value for a rupee spend by him. He should work honestly for the interest of the organisation as a whole.

Duties / Functions:


The following duties or functions are assigned to the Purchase Officer:

Selection of Supplier: The primary duty of the Purchase officer is to select right supplier. It is to be done by preparing comparative statements. Out of the comparative statement reliable supplier is selected by the way of securitization. At the time of placing the order the suppliers capacity is also judged.

Organizing the purchasing department: The duty of the purchase officer is to prepare purchase policy and its execution. He must have to manage the personnel of his dept. and supervise them timely.

Advising and coordinating: it is  the duty of the Purchase officer to advise the production department regarding quality, quantity and market trend. His duty is also to co-ordinate with other departments.


Approval: At the time of purchase of material the duty of purchase officer is to verify material specification and approve the purchase orders.

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