A dialogue between a Headmaster and a boy seeking admission.

Boy- May I come in, Sir?

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Headmaster- Yes, You may.

Boy- Good morning, Sir.


Headmaster- Good morning, my boy. What can I do for you?

Boy- Will you are kind enough to admit me to your school?

Headmaster- Which school are you coming from?

Boy- From a village school, Sir, a few miles off Jamshedpur.


Headmaster- Why do you like to change your school?

Boy- I like to be admitted to a town school where there is keen competition.

Headmaster- which stream does you like to take up?

Boy- Science stream, sir.


Headmaster- Have you got your progress report with you?

Boy- Yes, Sir. Here it is.

Headmaster- I see you have stood first and secured good marks in Mathematics. Still, you shall have to sit for an admission test.

Boy- When shall I sit for it, Sir?

Headmaster- Tomorrow at 11 a.m. comes with paper and pencil. Have you got your transfer certificate?

Boy- Yes, I have.

Headmaster- All right. If you pass the test, I shall be glad to admit you. Good-bye!

Boy- Thank you, Sir. Good-bye!

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