A Dialogue between a Headmaster and a student who has asked for a certificate.

Suren– Good morning, Sir.

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Headmaster– Good morning, Suren. I am glad you have passed the secondary Examination in the first division.


Suren– Thanks to you and other teachers for the good teaching.

Headmaster- But the credit goes mainly to you. You dad worked hard and got through creditably.

Suren- Thank you, Sir. Will you please give me a certificate about my character and achievements?

Headmaster- Yes, I will-with pleasure. What will you do with it?


Suren- I’ve got myself admitted to the local college. I have applied for a free-studentship. The principal wants a certificate from you. It will, I’m sure, be granted on your recommendation. The principal knows you well.

Headmaster- Yes, I know that.

Suren- Shall I wait outside?

Headmaster- No, you needn’t. I’ve an important engagement. I’m just going out. Come to-morrow. I’ll get the certificate ready. I’ll recommend you strongly to the principal for a free-studentship. Good-bye, Suren.


Suren- Good-bye, Sir. Thank you very much.

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