A dialogue between two friends who met by chance at a railway station

Tushar- Hello, Bimal, what brings you here?

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Bimal- I’ve come to receive mejda. He’s coming from Bombay.

Tushar- ­does he live there now?


Bimal- Yes, he was transferred there a year ago. He’s coming on leave.

Tushar- Does he live there alone?

Bimal- No, sister-in-law is with him.

Tushar- Then she too is coming?


Bimal- Of course. He has got a month’s leave and so she too is coming. Now, what are you here for?

Tushar- I too have come to receive my sister and brother-in-law who are coming from Delhi Mail.

Bimal- is the train running to time?

Tushar- No, it’s running late by an hour.


Bimal- Trains are often late now-a-days.

Tushar- That puts us into great inconvenience. We hurry up to the station only to wait for a long time. It’s really tedious.

Bimal- We can’t help. Surely there must be some just cause for this delay.

Tushar- I don’t know.

Bimal­- I’m lucky enough. My train is running to time. Oh! The signal is down.

Tushar- Lo! There comes the train.

Bimal- come along, Tushar, I’ll introduce you to my sister-in-law.

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