A dialogue between two students about a cinema show.

Leela- Hello, Maya, where had you been last evening? You had been absent from home when I went to see you.

Dialogue: It's not just the stuff between the quotation marks ...

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Maya- Well, I had been to the cinema and had a grand time. I saw a very nice film of Dickens’s ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. I’ve read the book. The facts are well known. The incidents of the story were very impressive when they were thrown on the screen. We get a vivid picture of the French revolution and its causes.

Leela-I too saw the film last week and it was very impressive. I can’t forget the glorious sacrifice of Sydney cartoon. I like such picture very much.


Maya-I wander how much it costs to produce such a film.

Leela– Really it costs quite a lot of money, but it pay well. Such films are very popular and there shown all over the civilized world.

Maya- one thing struck me most. Such films are suitable both for the young and the old.

Leela– I quite agree. Last year I went to see a film with my mother. Certain scenes showed the low taste producer. I felt ashamed that I was with mother to see such a bad



Maya– Another thing proves interesting to me­­­- the documentary films. They give us a lot of useful information.

Leela-Yes, yes. Our Government informs us what it was done and is doing for the uplift of the country. Besides, we see the picture of certain current event of which we read in the newspaper.

Maya– thus we see the cinema is not only a source of amusement but all so a good medium of spreading education.


Leela– Quite true. But such good films are very rare. Common people like sensation films and producer also cater to their taste to earn a lot of money.

Maya– That’s very bad. Such films should be banned.

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