A Dialogue between two students about their respective hobbies

Jogesh- Good evening, Parimal. What are you doing now? Will you not go to play?

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Parimal- No, I won’t.

Jogesh- Why?

Parimal- I’ve got some stamps. I’ll affix them in my album.


Jogesh- I can’t understand, my dear philatelist, what charm there is in collecting stamps.

Parimal- Oh! Well, it’s a hobby and there must be pleasure in it. Beside, it has an educative value. You know stamps contain pictures of great man, historic places and object of special interest of countries concerned. They are a storehouse of knowledge. They add to our knowledge of geography and history.

Jogesh­- Still I don’t find any interest in stamp-collection.

Parimal- But many great men, I have heard, had this hobby.


Jogesh- But,I think, My hobby is better than yours.

Parimal- What’s your hobby?

Jogesh- Photography. Father presented me a camera on my birthday several years ago. With that I’ve taken group photos and single photos of the members of our family. I’ve preserved them in the album. I have also taken photo of beautiful natural scenery and notable objects of many places. Really is more interesting than stamp collection.

Parimal- You may think so, because you like it. But it is a costly hobby.

Jogesh-That’s true. But I’ve got several prizes in case in photo-competitions. I have purchased films with that money. Besides, father gives me pocket money. It gives me pleasure when I turn over the pages of my album and see the photos. Many sweet memories are associated with them. My hobby gives me pleasure as well as money.

Parimal- A collection of rare stamps also sometimes fetches a large sum.

Jogesh- Then let us satisfied with our respective hobbies.

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