A Dialogue between two students about Town life and Village life

Hari- Hello, Mati, when did you com back from your native village?

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Mati- Only yesterday.

Hari- I see, you are very fond of the country life.


Mati- Really I am very fond of it.

Hari- Why? What’s the charm of the country life?

Mati- I’m tired of the din and bustle of the town, of smoke, dirt and congestion. It’s calm and quite there. I get there fresh air and fresh food, fish, milk, fruit and vegetables. I get fresh vigour and energy.

Hari- It’s true. But comforts of life are waiting there-no electric light or fan, no good roads, no good conveyance, no good medical aid, no good school or college, no good society, no theater or cinema hall. How do you live there?


Mati- The villages are not to blame for that. We have neglected the villages so long. You know that the majority of our people live in the villages. Our country cannot prosper unless the villages are improved. Do you agree?

Hari- Yes, I do. But how can we improve the village?

Mati- Educated men should go and mix with the poor and illiterate people of the village, and spread education among them and teach them how to raise their standard of life. Beside, Government has duty to the villagers. Our National Government is doing that now. Villages are not so bad now as you think. In course of time, we shall find there all the amenities of the town.

Hari- Now I understand why you go to your native village during every long vacation.

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