A Dialogue between two students discussing holiday plans.

Suresh- well, Biren, the puja holidays are drawing near. What’s your plan?

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Biren- father says, we’ll spend the holidays in puri. Mother is not keeping good health. Sea air sea-bathing may do a lot of improve her health. What’s your plan?

Suresh- Aunt has written to us to spend a few days with them.


Biren- where do they live?

Suresh- In banaras.

Biren- Do you intend to go there?

Suresh- Yes, I do.


Biren- Why not go with us? Have you ever been to puri?

Suresh- No.

Biren- You haven’t? Then you should go. I had been there twice before. The greatest charm of puri is sea. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it much.

Suresh- Banaras also is place worth seeing.


Biren- But you can’t enjoy the sea view there. It’s splendid. Do come with us. Sea-bath is most exhilarating. Besides we shall visit the temples at puri, Konarak and Bhubaneswar, also the ancient relics of Udaygiri and Khandagiri at Bhubaneswar. I shall have a jolly time of you be with me. Write to your aunt that you’ll go to her place during the x’mas holidas. That’s the best time to visit Banaras. Isn’t it?

Suresh- that’s true. But I don’t know whether father will permit me to go with you.

Biren- I shall persuade him and I’m sure he’ll not object.

Suresh- Then will you please come to our house in the evening?

Biren- Oh! Yes, I will. Now good-bye!

Suresh- Good-bye! Biren.

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