A Dialogue between two students, one preferring Science, the other Arts or Humanities

Jadu – Well, Hari, now we are in class XI. We have to take up a particular course of studies. What course will you take up?

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Hari- I am humanities. And you?

Jadu- I’ll take up science.

Hari- What’s your reason for deciding so?

Jadu- It’s the age of science. Science is at the root of the prosperity of a nation.


Hari- True, but science, i.e., physical science is doing a lot of evil too. It has helped to invent destructive weapons. These have been a menace to the peace-loving people.

Jadu– That’s not the fault of science. If men misuse it. You can’t be blame science, can you?

Hari – By the study of humanities. It’s the study of man in relation to man. It brings men to closer to one another. It develops the human sides. The triumph of physical science has made us forgot it. But unless we can develop the felling of universal brotherhood, the triumph of physical science cannot bring peace to the world. Only the study of philosophy and social sciences can achieve this end. That’s why I shall take up Humanities.

Jadu- Should we then gives up the study of science?


Hari- Certainly not. Only I want to say that we must not neglect the one and turn our attention wholly to the other. The study of these two courses should go side by side.

Jadu- I quite understand you now. Thanks for clearing my idea.

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