Dialogue between two students about the choice of a career

Naren- Well, Jatin! What are you going to be?

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Jatin- I’ve a natural bent for mechanical occupations. So I want to be an engineer. Especially so, because our country now needs engineers in large numbers for nations-building and defense works. What are you going to do, Naren?

Naren- You know, my father is a doctor. He likes that I should take up that profession. What do you think of that, Jatin?


Jatin- Well, in choosing a career, you see whether it suits your temperament. If you like it, you should certainly take up this profession, particularly when your father himself belongs to that profession. That will you help you much. Isn’t it?

Naren- Quite so. I like to be doctor, but want to go my native village and treat the people for normal fee. Most of them are poor. They die without proper medical aid?

Jatin- That’s a noble idea.

Naren- But father does not like it. He wants to be with him. That will no doubt help me to earn a lot of money. But my ideal is to render service to my villagers. My revered teacher, Binode Babu, encouraged us in our school days to render service to the poor. I’ve imbibed that idea and now I want to put it into practice.


Jatin- In that case you should persuade your father to allow you to follow your ideal. And he’ll surely do it. He has a large heart and helps the poor.

Naren- I’ll do it and hope father will give his consent.

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