Dialogue between two students about the last prize-giving ceremony in their school

Arati – Well, Beena, what’s the matter? We were so sorry to miss you in the prize-giving ceremony.

News Blog: November 2014


Beena- I am no less sorry. But mother met with an accident. She received an injury on the head. It was necessary to take her to the hospital. That’s why couldn’t attend the function.

Arati- I am very sorry to hear this. How is she now?


Beena- A little better. No cause for anxiety now. Please tell me all about the function.

Arati- It was really a grand success. Recitation, dance and drama were all excellent. These kept this audience almost spellbound.

Beena- Our has a reputation in this respect. I’m glad it’s kept up this year also. Have you got any prize for the recitation?

Arati- Yes,I’ve got the first prize for bengali recitation in the senior group.


Beena- Who gave away the prizes?

Arati- Mrs. Banerjee, wife of president, was kind enough to give away the prizes.

Beena- How did you like the President’s speech?

Arati- It was short but very impressive speech. He spoke highly of the all- round progress of our school.


Beena- I’m really sorry that I missed such an important function of our school life. Now, good-bye.

Arati- Good-bye, Beena.

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