How is Lok Sabha constituted ? What are two legislative and two non-legislative functions of the Parliament ?

Constitution of Lok Sabha :

  • The Lok Sabha is constituted of 552 elected members.
  • Out of these 530 members are repre­sentative of people of different States and not more than 20 members come from Union Territories.
  • The President can nominate two mem­bers belonging to Anglo-Indian community if it does not have adequate representation.
  • All citizens of the age of 18 and above have the right to vote and they elect the Lok Sabha members.
  • Each State or Union Territory is di­vided into constituencies. Each constituency elects
    one representative.
  • For conducting the business of Lok Sabha, a Speaker and Dy Speaker is elected from amongst the elected members of Lok Sabha.
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Legislative functions of the Parliament :

  • Parliament has the power to make laws on the subjects mentioned in Union List and Concurrent List. Under certain circumstances, it can legislate on subjects of State List.
  • All type of Bills are introduced in either House of the Parliament except Money Bill and are passed or rejected. Money Bills can only be intro­duced in Lok Sabha.

Non-legislative functions :

  • The Council of Ministers is answerable to the legislatures. Hence, Parliament has a control over the Government.
  • The Parliament passes the Annual Budget.
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