What are the Problems of Urbanization

Urban problems are many. Drug addiction, crime, juvenile delinquency, begging, alcoholism, corruption and unemployment are a few of them. Let us analyze the incidence and prevalence of six crucial ones. They are:

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  1. Housing and slums
  2. Crowding
  3. Water supply and drainage
  4. Transportation and traffic
  5. Power shortage and
  6. Pollution Problems of Urbanization

Housing and Slums:

Housing people in the city or abolishing houselessness is a serious problem. Government, industrialists, capitalists, entrepreneurs, contractors and landlords have not been able to keep pace with the housing needs of poor and the middle class people.


Crowding (density of population) and people’s apathy to other person problems is another problem growing out of city life. Some homes are so over-crowded that five to six persons live in one room. Some neighborhoods are extremely over crowded. Overcrowding has very deleterious effects. It encourages deviant behaviors, spreads diseases and creates conditions for mental illness, alcoholism and riots. One effect of se urban living is people’s apathy and indifference. City dwellers do not to get involved in other s affairs.

Water Supply and Drainage:

We have reached a stage where no has water supply round the clock. International supply results in a vacuum being created in empty water lines which often suck in pollutants through leaking joints. Most towns and cities which normally get good rain every year, have been undergoing the agony of acute water shortage in the last two three years.


There is drainage in the towns which are not fully sewered. Because of the non-existence of a drainage system large pools of stagnant water can be seen in every city even in summer months.

Transportation and Traffic:

The transportation and traffic picture in all Indian cities is unhappy. A majority of the people use buses and tempos, while a few use rail as transit system. The increasing number of scooters, motor cycle, mopeds and cars make the traffic problem worse. They pollute the air with smoke and noise.

Power Shortage:

There is also power shortage. The use of electricity has increased in the towns and there has also increase of new industries and the expansion of old industries has also increased. So there is power shortage in most of the cities. They remain dependent on neighboring states. So the conflict over supply of power between two states has created sever crisis for the people in the city.


Our cities and towns are major pollution of the environment. Most of the cities discharge their sewage and wastage materials to the rivers. Urban industry pollutes the atmosphere by smoke and toxic gases from its chimneys.

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