What are the significance of the Principle of Collective Responsibility and a Mo­tion of No-confidence ?

Principle of Collective Responsibility :

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  • The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to the Parliament and it stays in power , as long as it enjoys its confidence.
  • It is said, “All the ministers of the Council swim and sink together”. If the Parliament through and motion defeats the decision of any ministry through majority votes, the entire Council of Ministers has to resign. This is called principle of collective responsibility.

Motion of No-Confidence :

  • The Parliament has the right to remove the Council of Ministers by passing the ‘Motion of No-confidence. The motion of No-confidence means that Parliament has no confidence in the Council of Ministers. It is, therefore, said that the Council of Ministers continues to work as long as it enjoys the confidence of the Parliament.
  • When a vote of ‘no-confidence’ is passed by the Parliament, the Government has to resign.
  • The Parliament has full control over the Government through this motion.
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