What was the impact of the British rule on the agriculture of India ?

Impact of the British rule on the agriculture of India :

  • Britishers introduced a new class of landlords called Zamindars who regarded land as their private property and aimed at obtaining maximum monetary gains out of it.
  • Environmental Sustainability in Agriculture- Knowledge to Action KTT

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  • The cultivators, the actual tillers of land, were mere tenants with no rights and could be evicted by the land-owners.
  • The fanner was very often heavily in debt aid in the clutches of the money-lenders, who, eventually, came to-control the land and its produce.
  • Agriculture production was no longer for use in the village only and much of it was sent to the market for sale.
  • Farmers were forced to produce cash crop to feed the industries in England.
  • It ruined the self-sufficiency of the village.
  • The new revenue systems led to peas­ant indebtedness and commercialization of agricul­ture.
  • This ultimately resulted in mass pov­erty and problem of landlessness.
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