10 Important Characteristics of Intelligence

1. It is an endowment to the individual child, which has been given to him by nature.

2. It helps the child in the learning process and to achieve the goal of maximum learning in the minimum period of time.

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3. It enables the child to proceed from concrete to abstract. It is in abstract terms that ideas remain in our mental makeup.


4. It helps the child to acquire the capacity to profit from his previous experiences and the experiences of others.

5. Intelligence gives an insight to the child to evaluate the future and act according to the requirements of the situation.

6. It enables him to distinguish between the right and wrong, truth and falsehood, social and anti-social activities.

7. The child is able to face the future with success and solve the difficult problems of life.


8. There are very minor differences in the development of intelligence between boys and girls.

9. Though the development of intelligence is fixed by heredity, yet it is also determined by the environment as well. In a healthy environment the child is able to develop his intelligence better in comparison to a hostile one.

10. The development of intelligence proceeds from birth till the end of the period of adolescence.

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