12 points that a teacher should keep in mind while using the chalk board effectively

We find that chalk board is the most common teaching aid used by the teacher for writing important points, drawing illustrations, solving problems etc.

The teacher should keep the following points in mind to use the chalk board effectively.

(i) Write in a clear and legible handwriting the important points on the chalk board but avoid overcrowding of information on the chalk board.

(ii) The size of the words written on black board should be such that they can be seen even by the back-benchers. The letters should not be less than one inch in height. The recommended height of letters on a chalk board is between 6 cm to 8 cm. For this the teacher should frequently inspect his own chalk board writing from the view point of the back-bench on a corner seat.


(iii) There should be proper arrangement of light in the class room so that the chalk board remains glare free.

(iv) To emphasize some points or parts of a sketch or a diagram colored chalks be used.

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(v) Rub off the information already discussed in the class and noted down by the students.


(vi) Draw a difficult illustration before hand to save the class time.

(vii) Stand on one side of the chalk board while explaining some points to the students.

(viii) Make use of a pointer for drawing attention to the written material on the chalk board.

(ix) Students may be allowed to express their ideas on chalk board, or to make alterations or corrections. Sometimes teacher may intentionally draw some incorrect diagram and ask the students to make necessary correction, alteration etc.


(x) For maintenance of proper discipline in the class the teacher should always keep an eye on his class while writing on the black board.

(xi) For proper writing on chalk board the chalk stick is broken into two pieces and the broken end of the piece be used to start writing.

(xii) While writing on a chalk board keeps your fingers and wrist stiff and move your arm freely.

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