16 main merits of project method in teaching geography

16 main merits of project method in teaching geography are given below:

(i) It is a method of teaching based on psychological laws of learning. The education is related to child’s life and he acquires it through meaningful activity.

(ii) It imbibes the spirit of cooperation as it is a cooperative venture. Teacher and students join in the project.

(iii) It stimulates interest in natural gas also manmade situ­ations. More over the interest is spontaneous and not under any compulsions.

(iv) The method provides opportunities for pupils of different tastes and aptitudes with in the frame work of the same scheme.

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(v) It upholds the dignity of labour.

(vi) It introduces democracy in education.

(vii) It brings about a close correlation between a particular activity and various subjects.


(viii) It is. a problem solving method and places very less emphasis on cramming or memorizing.

(ix) It helps to inculcate social discipline through joint activities of the teacher and the taught;

(x) A project can be used to arouse interest in a particular topic as it blends school life with outside world. It pro­vides situations in which the students come in direct contact with their environment.

(xi) It develops self confidence and self discipline.


(xii) A project tends to illustrate the real nature of the subject,

(xiii) A project affords opportunity to develop keenness and accuracy of observation and produces a spirit of enquiry.

(xiv) It puts a challenge to the student and thus stimulates constructive and creative thinking.

(xv) It provides the students an opportunity for mutual exchange of ideas,

(xvi) This method helps the children to organize their knowledge.

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