5 important steps for preventing noise pollution

Preventions of noise pollution

Noise pollution has harmful effects on both our body and mind. The safe intensity level of sound, as prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO) is 45 dB.

But in the present era, it is rarely maintained and the result is ‘Noise Pollution’.


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In order to lead a healthy life, abatement of noise pollution should also be considered seriously. The various sources of noise pollution are road traffic noise, rail traffic noise, aircraft noise, industrial noise and neighborhood noise, etc.

There are a variety of effective strategies for abating noise levels, such as use of noise barriers, uniting vehicle speeds, improving tire design, limiting heavy duty vehicles and use of silencers in the vehicles for road traffic noise, designing quieter jet engines, altering flight paths for aircraft noise, improving technology for electric locomotives for rail traffic noise, redesigning of industrial equipment, using acoustic screens and barriers for industrial noise.

One of the best ways of reducing noise pollution is through making green belt around the residential areas, around airport and on the sides of the road where the vehicles and trains run.


Besides all the above measures, following steps should be followed to prevent noise pollution to the highest extent.

a. Raising public awareness about the effect of noise pollution.

b. Distributing up-to-date information regarding noise pollution.

c. Strengthening laws and governmental efforts to control noise pollution.


d. Establishing networks among environmental professionals, governmental and all other activist groups working on noise pollution issues.

e. Helping and protecting activists working against noise pollution.

Lastly, it can be mentioned that two very simple measures can help a lot in abating noise pollution.

The cities can be developed in a planned manner. Industry and transport areas can be separated into zones, residential areas may be made at least 20 meters away from the main streets and the space be thickly planted.

Heavy vehicles should not be allowed to use narrow streets and the use of horns and pressure horns be prohibited.

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