6 definite ways for controlling water pollution

Water pollution cannot be abated fully but can be controlled through awareness in different sections.

1. Public Awareness :

The public must be made aware of the adverse effects of water pollution.

It is only then, that the people who use ponds, lakes, etc., for washing clothes or utensils, self-bathing and bathing of animals, will not use the same water for cooking, drinking, etc.

How Does Water Pollution Affect Humans? | The Innovation Diaries

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2. Government Awareness:

The water resources are national properties and thus, the government should be aware of its importance and should take proper steps to keep such resources pure.

3. Domestic Awareness:


Domestic waste water should not be allowed to contaminate public water reservoirs or agricultural fields. Use of safety tanks for disposal of excreta is a better option.

The domestic water itself can be made less harmful by using eco-friendly soaps and detergents. Underground water containing arsenic and other pollutants such as lead, mercury, etc., should be avoided and water from safe resources be used.

4. Industrial Awareness:

Industries must not be allowed to operate without proper water treatment plants. They must have recycling facilities so that water can be used again and again and the collected disposed be destroyed through proper techniques.


5. Scientists’ Awareness:

Scientists, because of their greater awareness, must give importance to the problem and should develop proper eco-friendly materials and techniques for disposing waste water.

6. Awareness of Municipal Corporations:

The municipal corporations should take care of clearing garbage and rubbish in the dustbins. City sewage water must be treated on a regular basis and proper drainage system should be provided.

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