Features of various Co-curricular Activities that can be Organized In A School

Features of various Co-curricular Activities that can be Organized In A School

Kinds of co-curricular activities

The number and kinds of co-curricular activities that a Principal can organize is his school will depend upon the size and the financial position of the school, the type of the school, the size and qualities of the staff, the support of the local community and the parents.

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However, a list of co-curricular activities that can be organized in a school is given below and the Principal will have to make a choice from among them. The following are the activities which are generally organized in schools:

1. Physical Activities

Every school can organize mass-dri and mass-P.T. in the morning assembly or at some other suitable time, games and sports in the evening or on holidays and Sundays.

2. Literacy and Academic Activities


Debates, group discussions, mock parliaments, elocution contests, wall magazines, visits to historical buildings, and civic institutions like the Parliament House in State Legislative when in session, dramatics, art, music, publication of magazines are some of the activities by which instructional programmes can be enriched.

3. Civic Training Activities

Student councils, student’s cooperative stores, are organized to develop a spirit of citizenship. School, itself, when organized a democratic lines, provides a training ground for democratic way of life, yet various other activities can be organized to give students lessons in the act of governing and of being governed.

4. Social Service Activities


Social service work in special occasions like fairs and exhibitions through NCC, ACC, Scouting and Girl Guiding and Red Cross can be performed by school students.

5. Community Life Activities

Celebrating community functions, conducting work connected with school sanitation, cleaning village wells and streets, mass-cooking and serving are sense of the activities that are organized to trained children in the art of living together.

6. Creative and Productive Hobbies

School is trying to start clubs connected with photography, science, philately (stamp collecting), leather and wood-work, and such other productive hobbies. However, hobbies satisfying following interests of pupils can be safely organized:

(a) Academic interests pertain to Languages, History, Geography, Mathematics, Radio, etc.

(b) Artistic interests such as painting, dancing, singing orchestra.

(c) Social interests such as starting cooperative societies, Junior Red Cross, Social Service Leagues ACC, NCC Scouting and Guiding.

(d) Interests showing love of nature such as cycling, hiking, and gardening.

7. Work Experience

At all school stages, from thePrimary to the Higher Secondary, some form of productive work can beorganised by every educational institution to provide a much needed corrective to the extremely academic and bookish character of education.

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