Following points are important for use of teaching aids while teaching Geography

Teaching aids should be used properly to make teaching more effective.

Teaching can become more effective if such aids are used widely but the use of such aids cannot provide a guarantee of good teaching.

Following points is important for use of teaching aids.

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(i) Teaching aids should be woven with class- room teaching and these aids should be used only to supplement the oral and written work being done in the class.

(ii) While making use of any teaching aid an effort be made that the teaching aids being used in any class are in conformity with the intellectual level of the students and is in accordance with the previous experience of the students.

(iii) Only such aids the preferred which provide a stimulus to the students for greater thinking and activity.

(iv) If possible actual specimens be preferred to a photograph or a slide of a specimen.


(v) The teaching aid used should be exact, accurate and real as far as practicable.

(vi) The Teacher should use a teaching aid only when he is quite sure about handling a specific teaching aid. For handling some aids (e.g. operating a projector etc.) training is provided by various authorities. For this purpose more information can be obtained from local SCERT or directly from NCERT, New Delhi.

(vii) Teaching aids used be such as are closely related to pupils experiences.

(viii) The teacher should use a teaching aid only after a proper planning so that the aid is used exactly at the point; in the process of teaching, where it best fits in the process of teaching.


(ix) Teacher should see that a follow up programme follows the lesson wherein a teaching aid has been used.

(x) Teacher should carry out occasional evaluation about the use, function and effect of a teaching aid on the learning process.

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