Recommendation of University Education Commission 1948 – Demerits

On the one side the Commission has given suggestions of far reaching importance for reforms of university education in the country, but on the other it has ignored many aspects which needed more attention.

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For example, the Commission has not chosen to study deeply the problems of medium of instruction. It has just given some casual suggestions in this regard. Similarly, the problem of religious education has not been given that attention which it merited because of its great importance in a religious country like India.

The Commission has not given much attention to the problem of women education. The importance of education in fine arts has also been ignored by the Commission.


However, it will have to be admitted that in spite of all these inadequacies in the recommendations, the Commission has revolutionized the field of university education by its various suggestions for reforms of universities in our country.

It cannot be denied that the universities in our country would have done their job in a much better way, if the various recommendations of the Commission were fully and properly implemented.

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