Short Essay on Women Education in Hindu Vedic Period

During the Vedic age women were given status with men. They were honored and respected in society. Were Women education was at its peak at the time Women regarded as a great source of power, peace, and knowledge for the men it was that without women, men could not progress.


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Therefore girls during the Vedic period were taught like boys. No distinction was made between the two. The importance of women has been explained in the Vedas days ‘Manan’ (Reflection) was a method especially for highly intelligent who due to their deep scholarship and penance were regarded as Women-sages. Lopamudra, Apala, Ghosh and Vishwavara were some of the great women-sages who were held in high esteem.

Equal Right for Education to All


During the Vedic period educational right was given to all without any distinction of class and color. There was no caste system then. According to one’s capacity each one was free to receive education.

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