What are the Assumptions and Characteristics of Instructional Technology?

The instruction has significant role in human learning. The systematic actions which induce learning is known as instruction. The instruction stands for development of knowledge and beliefs.

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Instructional technology means a net work of techniques or devices employed to accomplish certain defined set of learning objectives. It implies the application of psychological and scientific principles and knowledge to instruction for achieving the specific objectives of learning.

The origin of instructional technology is from psychological laboratory experiments. The most important example of instructional technology is ‘programmed instruction’. The programmed instruction and instructional technology can be used inter-changeably.


Assumptions of Instructional Technology

The instructional technology involves the following assumptions:

1. Reinforcement can be provided continuously by the use of instruction.

2. The content matter can be divided into its elements and each element can be presented independently.


3. The external learning conditions can be created by arranging the elements in a logical sequence.

4. The student can learn successfully with out the physical presence of a teacher.

5. The strategies and tactics of instruction can be used for achieving certain well defined set of instructional objectives.

6. The student can learn according to his needs and rate of learning.


Characteristics of Instructional Technology

1. The cognitive objective can be achieved successfully by the use of Instructional Technology.

2. Reinforcement is provided with the help of right responses.

3. Individual differences are taken care of in his technology.

4. The students can learn at their own pace.

5. It makes use of the psychological learning theories and principles.

6. It provides deep insight into the content structure.

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