What are the Different Forms of Pragmatism?

Biological Pragmatism

According to this the capacity of a human being is valuable and important which enables him to adjust with the environment or which makes him able to change his environment according to his needs and requirements.

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Humanistic Pragmatism


According to this ‘whatever fulfils one’s purpose, satisfies one’s desire, develops one’s life, and is true.’ It maintains what satisfies the human nature is only true and real.

Nominalistic Pragmatism

It emphasizes on the concreteness of an idea. When we do an experiment we come across future solutions. Its basis is concrete. It results in some visual solutions.

Experimental Pragmatism


According to this can be experimentally verified is true. That principle is true which can be verified as true by experiment.


Perce, William James, and John Dewey were the supporters of Pragmatism.

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